Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester

£899.00 +VAT

  • Massive internal memory stores up to10,000 appliance records and PAT testing results
  • Small lightweight design with intuitive QWERTY keyboard, USB and Bluetooth
  • Electrical Risk Assessment Tool that will calculate suggested risk-based retest periods

Data Sheet

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The Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester boasts several updates from the previous Apollo 500. Firstly, the tester is capable of producing QR-coded PAT labels via a Seaward Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer and also reading them via a Seaward scanner. The QR-coded labels can be read via the end user’s smartphone so the customer has ready access to test data. Improved firmware brings a better interface and a database search function whilst an external battery pack allows the user to swap batteries in the field, thus minimising downtime.

The Seaward Apollo 500+ is a brand new intuitive downloading PAT Testing device from Seaward that combines ease of use with a wide selection of high specification features. The Apollo 500+ is built with demanding PAT Testers in mind and is designed to speed up general testing on 230V, 110V appliances, and IT equipment. An extensive firmware update allows the tester to offer an improved interface and QR capability and it now comes with an external battery pack.

Plug and Play technology – Easy to navigate menu system designed to speed up testing.
Small lightweight PAT Tester – Designed to fit comfortably in the users hands
Advanced memory – Store up to 10,000 assets and download them via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Point to point testing on fixed appliances
QWERTY keyboard – Responsive keyboard with recognisable function buttons for fast record editing.
Test with complete compliance with the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition
Risk Assessment Tool – Enter the environment details and the Apollo 500 will recommend a retest date based on the equipment type and the environmental risks.

As market leaders, Seaward has introduced a Risk-based assessment tool to further improve the PAT Testing process. The tool is based on the latest IET Code of Practice which allows users to calculate individual re-test dates based on the risk associated with using each appliance. This pioneering feature provides users with the means to accurately schedule and manage the electrical safety procedures within their workplace. This also prevents unnecessary or overzealous testing.

By using the Apollo 500+ PAT Tester Part number 380A913Seaward ensure that any user can now comply with the latest edition of the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition and the guidelines introduced by HSE ( Health and Safety Executive )

Seaward are renowned for designing and building superior PAT testing machines and the Apollo 500+ is no different. It’s really small and light and easy to carry around, plus it’s downloadable so you don’t have to keep writing out PAT certificates during your working day. The Apollo 500+ can fit comfortably within the user’s hands allowing for one-handed testing which can now be performed with ease. Despite the small size, the tester comes complete with a full QWERTY keypad featuring five recognisable function buttons and a large high definition colour display. The large backlit display will benefit anyone who wishes to regularly perform and track complex tests in their entirety.

Seaward have combined unique design with functionality by incorporating a massive memory capable of storing 10,000 results along with USB and Bluetooth download and upload compatibility. The tester is designed to be used with Seaward PATGuard 3 software which allows a user to keep track of test history and produce PAT certificates and detailed risk assessment reports. PATGuard 3 is now compatible with PC, tablets and Smartphones.

Seaward has improved their already excellent menu system by allowing the user to easily navigate to mains powered tests such as Touch Current, Earth Leakage or RCD Trip Time tests. The tester is even versatile enough to test 3 phase equipment and perform point to point testing on fixed appliances. Along with performing battery powered tests, the Apollo 500+ can be plugged into the mains ensuring there is no downtime while on large jobs.

The Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester has several recommended accessories including the Seaward Bluetooth Test and Tag Elite Printer and Seaward Bluetooth Scanner which are available to speed up the asset labeling and the recognition process.

The Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester is a fast innovative Tester for users looking for versatility combined with simplicity.

The Seaward Apollo 500+ has several advantages compared to the previous Seaward Apollo 500 model. The new external rechargeable battery pack allows the user to change the battery in the field so there is no need to wait for the tester to charge up. Instead, those with heavy workloads can continue working with minimal downtime.

A full firmware update has improved the user interface by enabling quicker navigation through saved results and introducing a search function. It also enables the customisation of user access levels through the password-protected user account system.

Furthermore, the Seaward Apollo 500+ is now capable of scanning and printing QR codes which convey more information than a traditional 1D bar code. Asset ID, site, location, most recent test and next scheduled test date can all be scanned in an instant. The QR Data Viewer app can be installed on Android and iOS devices and this allows end-users to scan labels and share information over e-mail.