Metrel MI3000 Easi Plus MFT

£499.00 +VAT

  • Metrel’s best selling Multifunction Tester
  • Fully 18th Edition compliant, suitable for both domestic and commercial testing
  • Supplied with 2 years warranty and manufacturers calibration certificate

Metrel MI3000 Data Sheet

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Metrel MI3000 Easi Plus Multifunction Tester
The Metrel MI3000 Multifunction Tester allows fixed electrical installations in both commercial and domestic environments to be fully tested in compliance with the Part P and 18th Edition regulations. It is the most cost-effective MFT on the market and is a firm favourite with electrical installers and commissioning engineers.

The MI3000 can perform a variety of electrical tests including continuity, insulation up to 1000V, fully automatic RCD testing (with ramp test), earth loop impedance testing, real-time AC voltage monitoring, PSC (prospective short circuit current) and phase rotation testing.

The new and improved model also provides automatic pass and fail indication on loop (Zs) testing. Simply enter the circuit protective device and its rating and the unit will show either a tick or cross to indicate whether the measured Zs value is compliant or not. The value will also be displayed in Ohms so you can record this on your certificates.

In addition, the newly designed Metrel MI3000 offers onscreen schematic help diagrams so that users can be confident that they have correctly connected the test leads to the conductors. These help diagrams are easily accessed for a range of tests from R1+R2 continuity testing to loop testing across line conductors in a three-phase installation.

Metrel MI3000 Key Features:
17th edition compliant on both single and three-phase installations
Real-time Voltage Monitoring
Automatic Pass/Fail indication on loop testing
Fully automatic RCD Testing with Non-Trip Feature
Inbuilt battery charger and rechargeable batteries supplied.
Supports 110V systems
Lightweight, compact and easy to use, now with schematic help diagrams
Includes 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and Calibration Certificate
Voltage protection is provided on all test ranges preventing damage if the tester is incorrectly connected across phases, while the 6-in-1 test mode makes short work of RCD testing. Reset the breaker and the Metrel MI3000 will continue to carry out the test with the ramp test indicating actual trip current and the RCD Triplock feature preventing any RCDs from tripping.

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