Fluke 114 True RMS Multimeter

£129.00 +VAT

  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 600V and resistance to 40MΩ
  • Low input impedance (LoZ) function prevents problems from ghost voltage
  • Excellent for quick, straightforward ‘go/no go’ testing


Fluke 114 True RMS Multimeter

The Fluke 114 True RMS Multimeter is an accurate and simple multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltage (0 to 600V), and resistance (0 to 40MΩ) in addition to performing continuity testing with an audible buzzer. It is possible to measure in both millivolts and volts with this multimeter and, in addition to true RMS functionality, accuracy is aided by low input impedance (LoZ) which negates the effects of ghost voltages. Overall, it is the perfect multimeter for basic ‘go/no go’ testing in domestic or commercial environments.

The Fluke 114 automatically selects the appropriate range for the parameter under inspection but the user can manually override this when necessary whilst the AutoVolt function automatically detects whether voltage is AC or DC, thus saving time and limiting the capacity for error.

All readings are displayed on the backlit digital screen which also features an analogue bar-graph type output to provide further clarity. The user also has the option of min/max/avg recording to chart input fluctuations and data hold allows a reading to be frozen on screen at the operator’s discretion.

The Fluke 114 gives a visual alert when connected to dangerous voltage and conforms to Cat III safety standard up to 600V so it is a safe instrument to operate. The product is supplied with a 9V battery and test leads with probe tips as well as a handy instruction manual in several languages.

Fluke part number: 114

Key Features

  • AC/DC voltage measurement up to 600V
  • True RMS measurement for AC voltage
  • Resistance measurement up to 40MΩ
Low input impedance testing
  • Great for ‘go/ no go’ testing
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • AutoVolt function detects AC or DC voltage
  • Clear, backlit screen
  • Min/max/avg recording
  • Dangerous voltage indication
  • Display hold
  • Cat III to 600V