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PAT Training all over the UK. We can provide a training course for your staff, at your site. Our trainers regularly attends sites across the whole of the UK, building contractors. schools, offices, factories and warehouses. Our inhouse course is less disruptive to your business. We can train up to 10 people on any one day. If you only have 1 or 2 candidates you could attend one of our Open courses, throughout the UK The Portable appliance testing course, covers the guidance and recognised method of PAT testing as laid out by the IEE- Institute of Electrical Engineers. You do not need to have prior knowledge or experience to attend this course. The 1 day course will give you the knowledge and practical experience to be able to carry out Portable Appliance Testing to a competent level. Upon successful completion Candidates will receive a Certificate Of Competence. As we are a Specialist PAT Testing company, supporting, supplying and calibrating the PAT test Industry, we KNOW PAT testing.Please call our expert sales, for advice. 01793 228467


PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a standardized process that is used to test different electrical appliances. This test is specially designed to make sure that an electrician will be able to determine whether your electrical appliances are functioning the way they should be. However, it is necessary for the electrician to have undergone Portable Appliance Testing training in order to be eligible to carry out the tests. The duties that are expected to be performed by a PAT tester include not only basic tasks such as visual analysis of electrical appliances but also more technically demanding tasks such as the testing insulation resistance, checking for earth leakages as well as presenting the obtained results in comprehensive report format. We also provide a full range of industry approved PAT testing equipment from reputed manufacturers.

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In order to be able to carry out PAT tests, an electrician has to have passed the PAT testing exam to prove his qualifications. We offer you several PAT training courses to help you achieve your desired competency level. Our PAT test training courses are designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical knowledge necessary to pass your PAT testing exam with flying colours. We offer several different options of PAT testing training courses for you to select from. Depending on your requirements, you can select any one of the PAT testing training courses to become qualified to pursue your next career move. Whether you are planning to become a fully certified electrician, thinking of adding an extra skill to your resume or have hopes of becoming a certified building inspector, our PAT testing courses and PAT testing training courses are ideally designed to suit each individual’s requirements and professional standard. Our PAT testing courses are not all about providing text book knowledge on the professional trade of PAT testing. In reality, we also devote a considerable amount of time, effort and consideration to provide our students with the relevant practical knowledge in order to better equip them to perform their intended duty in real life situations. Once you have become professionally accredited within our institution, you have the option to carry out your trade anywhere within the UK.


A PAT trained professional is expected to carry out a number of tasks. For instance, they are expected to have the ability to carry out visual inspection of electrical appliances to observe the external signs of wear and tear on the devices. In addition, professional electricians educated with PAT test courses are also expected to be able to determine whether correct wiring is present within the appliance, use an industry standardized equipment to carry out fully fledged electrical tests as well as to record the obtained results for future use. Here at Pat test sales, we have the ability make sure that our PAT test courses are ideally designed to make sure that our students are fully educated to carry out PAT tests with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism. In addition to PAT test courses, we also provide a comprehensive range of PAT testers at affordable prices.



As mentioned earlier, we provide more than just Portable Appliance Testing Training. We also provide a complete range of PAT testing equipment. One important thing that you should be aware of our Portable Appliance Testing courses is the fact that they are not only aimed at individual electricians. For instance, if you are a company of electrical services suppliers, then a Pat Test Training course just might allow you the opportunity to equip your employees with an additional skill to add to your range of services. Even if you are not a company that provides electrical repair services, equipping one or a few of your maintenance staff members with one of our Portable Appliance Testing courses could help you keep a better watch on your electric appliances more efficiently. Although there is no need for Portable Appliance Testing courses to have any formal recognition, we have made sure to ensure that every single one of our PAT training courses, even the one day courses, is in line with the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) code of practice. This means that if you have taken one of the many PAT testing courses that we have on offer, you will be receiving a certificate that allows you the competency standard that enables you to carry out PAT testing well within the standard professional requirements of the IEE. So, contact us today to become a qualified PAT tester