Calibration is the process of comparing the accuracy of an Instruments Readings to known Standards who’s traceability is maintained by National standards. Calibration is important to anyone issuing Test Certificates to clients or carrying out Tests in accordance to any internal or external process agreements. .Without Calibration you do not have a way of ensuring that the equipment used, during these tests is accurate.
It is actually good practice to use a check box. But is not intended to replace an annual calibration check. They are intended to be used to confirm on-going accuracy between your annual calibration. The UK’s leading test equipment manufacturers including Megger, Fluke & Seaward all recommend annual calibration.
The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the UK National Accreditation body to assess, against internationally agreed standards.
UKAS Certificates require more testing points. As there are specific standards that must be complied with to issue a UKAS Certificate. This does take longer and become more expensive. Standard Certificates are also of an extremely high calibre and also use standards traceable back to national standards.
We offer a convenient and cost effective fixed price repair service. Instruments that require repair are normally returned within 7 days. Any delays that occur, you will be informed of. If we are unable to repair the item or it is beyond economical repair you may choose for us to return the unit to you or scrap the unit on your behalf.
We warrant just the repair that has been carried out. Should the same fault develop again within 3 months of the repair and it is not due to user error we will repair the unit again free of charge.

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